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Washed rock

Find Washed Rock for Your Landscaping Needs at Reimer Foundations Ltd.

Crushed, Screened & Washed Rock for Your Needs

Crushed stone or angular rock is a form of construction aggregate that is typically produced by mining a suitable rock deposit and breaking the removed rock down to the desired size using crushers. It is distinct from gravel, which is produced by natural processes of weathering and erosion and typically has a more rounded shape. Reimer Foundations Ltd. provides crushed, screened and washed rock for all your aggregate needs in Valleyview or High Prairie, Alberta, including:

  • ¼”, ½” & ¾”

  • ½” Playground specifications

  • 4” Minus (to protect against water erosion & as a base)

  • Pea gravel

Used in Landscaping & Drainage Applications

Washed rock can be used in many landscaping and drainage applications. Should you have any questions about our washed rock offerings, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to answer any questions or to make recommendations based upon your specific project’s needs.

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